We deliver only the finest Seafood Chile has to offer!

Since 1983, Cisandina has been shipping all over the World the many varieties of fish and shellfish available from Chile’s coast and the cold south Pacific waters. In these almost 30 years we have gained experience in so many products and production processes, with so many packers and customers, establishing so many trade channels and making so many friends. We are happy with what we have done, but we think we are just starting.

We are looking intensively into the future regarding supplies, environmental concerns, clean production practices, new varieties and packing methods, modern logistics and control systems. We belong to a family concern established in Chile in 1915. Empresas Reutter S.A. gives us the background and support for our many activities, with our sister company Reutter S.A. we share experiences and their long view into the future based on a mutual success story which in their case stretches over almost a century.

  • We were among the first Chilean companies to export salmon. It was frozen Coho for the U.S. market
  • We started exporting Chilean Loco/ Chilean Abalones in the hundreds of tons to Japan and Chilean Australis hake by shiploads to Spain
  • We were pioneers exporting Chilean frozen mussels combined with frozen IQF Octopus by truckloads across the Andes to Argentina.
  • We have imported and distributed canned Tuna from Thailand to Chilean Supermarkets
  • We have grown Salmon and Trout in our own farms, we have asked others to grow Salmon and Trout for us, and we have owned a cannery for shellfish and canned salmon.
  • We have imported Fishoil from South East Asia in chartered vessels
  • Our first exports have been sea urchin to Japan. Today we are Chile’s second largest sea urchin exporter
  • We have had and still have joint ventures and marketing agreements with many Chilean Seafood companies and have established long term relationships with leading seafood importers the World over.
  • We started exhibiting at the Boston Seafood Show when samples were displayed on Ice and we had to change them every morning. We still visit and exhibit at the major Trade shows worldwide.
  • We have sold more than 40 containers of Chilean Small Lobster in one season. We export today more than 40 containers per year of sea urchin and King Crab.
  • We use Superfreezer (-60 C) and Magnum containers (-35 C) for our finest products. We control logistics from Plant to Port and from Port to final destination very carefully recording daily the temperatures inside the containers to avoid breakage of the cold chain.
  • For some time we were among the largest exporters of Chilean Sea weed to Asia and Europe.
  • We were among the first  to export Chilean Seabass to Japan and the U.S. markets
  • We have worked with our suppliers in Chile and our customers in the U.S. and Europe for many years establishing  a solid trade channel for Stone Crab meat for processors of prepared dishes for restaurant chains.
  • We have had our moments but have been able to solve and respond to any problems. A good solution of a controversy has always strengthJand our customer base.
  • We have been and still are brokers, traders and our own producers of seafood in combination with state of the art processing plants who work exclusively for us.
  • The name Cisandina is well known in the Seafood Industry and particularly in Chile as one of the most reliable, trustworthy, serious, modern  and competent Chilean Seafood companies.

We are facing the future tapping into the strength and experiences of our past. We are relying on the youth and dedication of our staff to continue servicing our suppliers in Chile and our customers around the World.  We are innovative and we are conservative. We never change our basic philosophy:

“ only the best products, packed under the best conditions, caring about the environment and sustainability of Seafood supplies, can be exported by Cisandina to our worldwide partners and always with the best service you can get”