Frequently Asked Questions

Why work with Cisandina??

Because we have a long history of commitment, quality and personalized service; with the support of our clients and suppliers. Because we are a financially strong group with flexibility in terms of products and volumes. For these reasons several producers trust us with 100% of their sales and most of our clients have been working with us for many years. But who can give the best answer to these questions are our own clients and suppliers through their testimonies.

Do you work with other products, besides the ones on your website?

Yes, we do. We have a very big network with whom we've worked for many years, with plants that are able to process with high quality almost any marine resource available in Chile. We are a flexible company, that can always adjust itself to the needs of its clients and to the big variety of marine resources Chile has.

How do we handle our glazing policy?

It's compensated, used only as protection when necessary, unless it's explicitly mentioned or upon request from a client. You'll never pay for water, unless you request it that way.

Where do we sell?

All over the world; but due to the kind of products we sell, our main markets are: Japan, Taiwan, China, USA, Europe and South America.

How do you care about the environment?

We are conscious that we have to be careful with the environment and all natural resources. For that reason we work only with producers that respect the national and international norms of protecting such resources and take care, control, and treat their disposals.

How do you secure quality?

We work only with first class plants. Microbiological and organoleptic controls are done permanently by each of them, and with renowned external labs, which are also checked by Cisandina's own QC department during the production process as well as before the shipments.

Is it possible to pack with our own brand?

Yes, it is.

Is it possible to ship containers with different products and maybe even consolidate with other exporters?

Yes. Many times we do mixed containers, with different products exported by us, and some times for some clients that don’t need a full container of our products, and that have another supplier from Chile, we do consolidated shipments.

Do you work with long term production programs and yearly or even longer, contracts?

Yes, in many cases we negotiate contracts with fixed quantities and prices for a whole year or season.

Which is your policy in case of claims?

Fortunately the claims we receive are very few. Due to the intense control we have on production and shipping, when a claim has rises we analyze it carefullytogether with our clients and producers, having in mind the technical specification agreed with the client at the moment of the sale and how it was followed during the production. Once the problem is identified , if it's our responsibility, we reach an agreement with the client on what the best solution for the claim might be.

If you were to define which is the key for operations and logistics when exporting, what would that be?

Most attention to each and all of the multiple details involving each of our export sales. Our highly qualified and experienced staff must constantly inform our clients on their shipment status.