Slade Gorton & Co., Inc. (Boston/USA) began it’s relationship with Cisandina Chile approximately 30 years Ago upon Meating their principal, Juan Reutter, at the International Seafood Conference in Munich, Germany.  Since then we’ve had a continuous and very rewarding relationship.

The dealings we’ve had with Cisandina Chile have always been conducted in a highly professional and transparent manner.  Management at Cisandina Chile has always displayed the highest degree of integrity and honesty in its transactions with our company.

They have represented our interests for frozen seafood procurement in Chile in a most competent, efficient and business like fashion.  They have also helped us considerably in an advisory capacity with fresh seafood procurement in Chile especially with regard to Atlantic salmon and swordfish.

On an ongoing basis throughout the past 30 years they have continued to be customer focused, honest and most loyal in helping us procure a wide variety of premium-quality Chilean seafood products.

Cisandina Chile has worked very well and collaboratively with the Slade Gorton buyers throughout these many years so we highly value our ongoing, good relationship.

We can confidently say that it has been a distinct pleasure doing business with this fine and honorable company and we expect our positive relationship to continue many years into the future.

Mike Gorton
Slade Gorton & Co. (USA)

We have worked with Cisandina Chile for about 20 years or more. Our main business has been in Chilean sea urchins. However during the years we have also bought from Cisandina several other Chilean seafood items like: Chilena Abalone, Chilean Abalone, salmon and trout, other shellfish and even some quantities of shrimp fish meal. During all these years we have established with Cisandina Chile a very friendly and professional relationship for our mutual bJanfit. We would like to point out particularly the knowledge and good information about the Chilean seafood industry  provided to us by Cisandina Chile.

Kohyo Co. Ltd.(Japan)

We have worked with Cisandina Chile for several years. During this time they have shown to be serious, professional, with great financial and commercial performance.
This has made us to work closer every time, and with excelent results. Our alliance with Cisandina Chile has allowed us to concentrate on production, where we have big comparative advantages to other companies.

The above mentioned, gave theus the chance to grow and to have big projections that, between others, will allow us to offer a wider range of products.

Definetely a “Win-Win” relationship.

Asbjörn Asbjörnsson
CEO Pesquera Isla del Rey (Chile)
Business Development Manager Framfoods HF (Iceland)

The improvement on the competitive capacity of a company has as it’s basement it’s values and investment on staff able to attend the multiple needs of its clients, whatever they are.

That is what I noted in our business with Cisandina Chile, a serious company that always has looked for developing their work attending the need of their clients and suppliers in such way that the parts are involved with the succcess of everyone.

Important Importer. (Brazil)

Straight forward and flexible. Company with professional and enthousiastic people.

Important Client. (Europe)